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UXO Pro is a small business, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and founded in
1999, providing unexploded ordnance (UXO) remediation and investigation
planning, management, and quality assurance consulting services to state
government regulators. UXO Pro maintains strict avoidance of conflict of interest
by never having performed work for the Department of Defense or any of the
component military services. This allows UXO Pro to provide unbiased technical
consulting services to our primary clients: state regulators.

UXO Pro provides our clients with technical consulting services in the area of
UXO project planning, management, and quality assurance. Specific services
provided include maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of UXO project
design, reviewing documents for completeness and technical accuracy, attending
technical meetings, and performing quality assurance oversight on contractors
performing the project to ensure compliance with the approved project plans.
The UXO Pro Approach

UXO Pro is dedicated to assisting our clients in the oversight of UXO projects.
The regulatory oversight process begins by identifying and clearly describing the
project goals and objectives which should be consistent with the end-use
requirements of the property. The goals and objectives are then used to develop
a project Statement of Work that should include specific Data Quality Objectives
(DQOs). These DQOs, if achieved during the course of the project, will ensure
the realization of the original project goals and objectives.

Efficiency on UXO projects is greatly enhanced by selecting and properly applying
the most efficient UXO detection technology for the specific project. UXO Pro
assists our clients in evaluating and selecting the most efficient geophysical
sensors and processes for each project after an analysis of the specific project
requirements. Examples of the specific criteria analyzed are: the size and type of
UXO expected, terrain, soil conditions, project size, and detection depth