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Consulting and planning services for military munitions remediation and investigation projects to state regulators and private companies.
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What is UXO?

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) are military munitions that have been primed, fuzed, armed, or otherwise prepared for use and they have been fired, dropped, launched, projected, or placed in such a manner as to constitute an explosive hazard.

Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) is the term that encompasses military munitions categories that pose unique explosive hazards in which UXO Pro offers its expertise to our clients for military munitions cleanup related services. These categories include: UXO, Discarded Military Munitions (DMM) and Munitions Constituents (MC) present in high enough concentrations to pose an explosive hazard.

UXO Pro Services

UXO Pro provides our clients with technical consulting services in the areas of UXO project planning, management, and quality assurance (QA). Specific services include maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of military munitions response and removal, project design, reviewing technical documents for completeness and technical accuracy, attending technical meetings, and performing quality assurance oversight on UXO contractors to ensure compliance with project plans.

UXO Pro is dedicated to assisting our clients in the oversight of UXO projects. The regulatory oversight process begins by identifying and understanding the site’s military munitions history and the site’s Conceptual Site Model (CSM). UXO Pro works with clients, Department of Defense (DoD) and their contractors to identify and clearly state the goals and objectives which should be consistent with the end-use requirements of the property. The goals and objectives are then used to develop a project statement of work that should include Data Quality Objectives (DQOs). These DQOs, if achieved during the course of the project, will ensure the realization of the original project goals and objectives.

Efficiency on UXO projects is greatly enhanced by selecting and properly applying the most efficient UXO detection technology for the specific project. UXO Pro assists our clients in evaluating and selecting the most efficient geophysical sensors and processes for each project after an analysis of the specific project requirements. Examples of the specific criteria are: the size and type of UXO, expected, terrain, soil conditions, site geology, acreage of the site, type of project (e.g. military munitions cleanup and removal or the investigation of a site), future land use requirements, future site receptors, and UXO technology capabilities and their limitations.

Once all these basic decisions have been made, the UXO contractor performing the work for DoD documents the specific equipment, methods, and processes to be used in work plans or quality assurance plans. UXO Pro assists our clients by reviewing project plans for technical appropriateness and completeness, to ensure that adequate direction is provided to the UXO specialty contractor implementing the project, to ensure achieving the DQOs and, ultimately, the project goals and objectives. As state regulatory agency consultants, UXO Pro attends technical meetings with our state clients to discuss and resolve technical issues with DoD, project stakeholders, and DoD’s contractors. 

After completion and approval of the project plans, our concentration is focused on helping our clients ensure the proper implementation of the approved plan at the project site, with emphasis on ensuring the safety of local residents and stakeholders. UXO Pro project managers are all former military EOD technicians who are graduates of the U.S. Naval School of EOD and have received additional training in project quality assurance.

During the performance of the field remediation work, our project managers frequently assist state regulators by monitoring the work done by the specialty UXO contractor to ensure compliance with the approved plans and procedures and to identify opportunities for increased project efficiency. This QA oversight role frequently continues through project completion and close-out to provide independent verification that the project successfully achieved the DQOs and original project goals, signifying that the property is now acceptable for its intended reuse. Following the field work, UXO Pro assists our clients during the project reports comment and review period by conducting a thorough technical review of the draft report and field work documentation. Examples of what UXO Pro’s technical review include are:

  1. Ensuring the accuracy of the reports and the field documentation;
  2. Confirming if the DQOs were met. If they were not met recommendations are included;
  3. Identifying if the DoD contractor deviated from the approved work plan;
  4. And evaluate the report’s findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Upon completion of the technical review, UXO Pro provides an itemized written report to the client cataloguing our review of the report recommendations. Most often the client uses UXO Pro’s report to develop their written response to DoD.

The relationship between the client and UXO Pro does not end with the completion and acceptance of the final reports. As the project site moves through the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensations, and Liability Act (CERCLA) process, UXO Pro is there to provide technical consulting to the client as needed.

Additional UXO Pro services include: Technical support to private companies, law firms, and insurance companies. UXO Pro’s services are wide ranging, from providing munitions related technical evaluations for use by insurance companies, quality assurance personnel for munitions related projects, to designing and managing state or private industry munitions removal projects from state or private lands.

UXO Pro has the experience and capabilities to meet your needs in the vastly diverse arena associated with the cleanup and removal of military munitions.

What Can We Help You With?



Geophysical analysis & technique selection


Liaison with state and federal regulators to achieve closure

Project Management

UXO clearance project planning & management


Participate in planning and restoration advisory meetings


Document Review

Document review of project plans and reports

Technical Advising

Serve as technical advisor to state regulator project manager

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance inspections of field projects


Safety Support

Provide UXO safety support, including training

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